Dark Horse Clone

Jan 22, 07:31 PST

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dark horse rda clone from skorite

you can get one from www.

Dark Horse (Clone) RDA *Build

Dark Horse (clone) RDA - 24gauge Kenthal wrapped around 5/16 drill bit 6x. On a scale from 1-10 (10) this RDA produces a lot of smoke it's all around a great.

Darkhorse RDA clone

So I received my dark horse clone courtesy of Fasttech let's take it for a Lil test drive in this video.

The Dark Horse RDA Clone For $25 Not An Exact Replica But Is It Worth It?

the authentic https://bevapehappy.

The Dark Horse RDA

In this vaping video I talk about the Dark Horse RDA which I received from an online vape shop called https://bevapehappy.

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8 Stands Alone, Looking the Other Way
I found the stone I photographed at the University of Washington during one of those great impromptu outdoor lunches this early spring where all the cherry trees begin to blossom down the main walkway between the Art...
Photo by Wonderlane on Flickr
diana horse ypsilanti
Diana: Dark Horse
Diana clone, TMax 100.
Photo by Matt Callow on Flickr


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