Fresian Horses

The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

The KFPS Friesian Horse- beautiful, versatile, athletic, kind, willing, and able to do anything.


Pinnacle Friesians presents world acclaimed friesian stallion, Frederik the Great 2012. Frederik is known throughout the world for his majestic beauty, loving.

Friesian Stallion, Apollo

Taking an evening walk with my Friesian stallion, Apollo -- his registered name is Harold v. R. -- Apollo loved every minute of our little outing.

Friesian Horse Keurings 2015~ be there!

The 2015 Friesian Horse Keurings and Inspections are coming this fall located all across the United States.

Two Friesian Horses Arrive From Friesland to their new home

July 23rd 2016. We unload our two new horses a two day journey.

horse usa mare carriage mariah mn farmington morganfresian dakotacityheritagevillage
2009 Prairie Home Carriage Festival at Dakota City Heritage Village
My friend Steve and his Morgan/Fresian mare, Mariah, pulling his reproduction wagonette. This vehicle is pretty convenient for modern driving because it is a cut under or fifth wheel design. If you look right behind...
Photo by pmarkham on Flickr
horses usa mariah mn cosmos gingerbreadhorse
Big and Little
Mariah, a Morgan/Fresian mare, and Ginger, a miniature mare, hanging out in the pasture. I'm surprised that Mariah let Ginger get this close to her. Mariah is definitely the boss of this heard and likes to boss that...
Photo by pmarkham on Flickr
horses usa mare miniaturehorse mariah mn cosmos morganfresian gingerbreadhorse
A tale of two mares
Mariah (on the left) and Ginger (on the right) exploring the summer pasture together. I'm actually surprised that Mariah was letting Ginger be that close to her. Mariah really likes to boss that little horse around....
Photo by pmarkham on Flickr


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