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the Black Mountain Press Publication.
 Jack Lund leads you through the methods for winning at simulcast horse racing by providing a strategy that will make you a winner.
From the cover:
This book's focus is on adapting existing tried and true, handicapping techniques to the new wagering arena of the twenty-first century...the simulcast.
Anyone who has tried to use the labor-intensive methods of the past in a simulcast situation, with up to ten tracks running at the same time, knows that these fine old techniques are simply overwhelmed..and the players trying to use them, simply over matched. No More.
With the techniques you're about to learn, you'll be able to handicap races accurately and , above all, quickly enough to be useful in today's hectic simulcast arena.
This book explains horse racing techniques for the layman, in non-technical terms that will have even the beginner winning money quickly.
With the advent of internet wagering on various tracks, this book is more valuable than ever. Quit being a player and become a slayer at the track!

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