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I took random pics to see how difficult it was to do a helmet. First attempt at airbrushing a helmet.

Path of Exile - Iron Maiden Helmet Effect

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helmet iron maiden eddie (Capacete Eddie Iron Maiden)

Capacete Eddie Iron Maiden.

O'Neal Rockhard II Helmet Iron Maiden and Hustler EN

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iron maiden helmet art

handle break helmet bombay biker mumbai ironmaiden lowerparel tulsipiperoad
Helmet break
"If helmet is on the handle, where is your head?"
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toronto ontario canada august 2007 uoft harthouse blog:posted=alexindigolivejournalcom
A Castle Old And Grey
Hart House, University of Toronto, T.O. @ August 26, 2007 I never see a castle That is gaunt and grey and grim, But my thoughts at once go backward To the past so misty and dim. To the time when tower and...
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show playing trooper rome roma monster festival rock metal skeleton soldier skull lights photo concert iron gun photos bass guitar stadium zombie live stage helmet performance bassist eddie heavy ironmaiden maiden guitarist openair stadioolimpico steveharris nwobhm olimpicstadium uptheirons june2007 eddiemaiden giugno2007
eddie walks around the stage
stadio olimpico, roma, 20 giugno 2007 rome, olimpic stadium, june 20th 2007 iron maiden the quality of the pics sucks bad cause i was faaaaaar from the stage è stato così
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