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How To Apply a Traction Pad to Surfboard

When I learned to surf, there was so much stuff that I didn't know - like how to wax my surfboard, or how to apply a stomp pad.

How to attach a surfboard traction pad

This video will show you how to apply a traction pad to a surfboard.

Channel Islands Traction Pads Review with Matto

surfstationstore. Dane Reynolds Series. com/ Matto reviews the different Channel Islands Traction Pads and explains the difference between each.

Slater Designs Traction - it's made from Algae

In keeping with Kelly's commitment to sustainability, Slater Designs collaborated with BLOOM Foam to develop the most eco-friendly traction pad on the market .

how to install a Surfboard deck grip / traction pad

The surfboard warehouse presents to you a brief tutorial on how to install a deck grip / traction pad.

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thursday was 2 for 1 day, well today's saturday so i present take one get two free! the rev got weeman & i a bigtrak jr for christmas, its just like the original one only a little smaller. Its got the same...
Photo by mjtmail (tiggy) on Flickr
bear polar noaa
Large sedated polar bear - Ursus maritimus. Large padded feet for traction on the ice. Alaska, Beaufort Sea. May, 1982. Photographer: Captain Budd Christman, NOAA Corps.
Photo by NOAA Photo Library on Flickr
industrial factory traction pad cable rubber hose safety cover hoses extruded
Drive-Over Cable Safety Pad
Diamond Rubber
Photo by Diamond Rubber Products on Flickr


Traction - Firewire Surfboards

“I’m excited to bring a product to market that not only feels better than the pads I’ve used in the past, but actually helps improve the quality of our water ...

Lion's Grip Traction Pads

Finally! a safe, lightweight, durable, easy-to-use and highly effective traction pad is available to protect motorists from most soft-traction emergencies!

Surf | Leashes, Traction Pads and much more at ...

Surfing accessories for men, woman and kids. The largest selection of leashes, traction pads and a variety of wax for your shred sled.


TRACTION PADS guide that includes all manufacturers of surfing TRACTION PADS. Surfing's most comprehensive list of TRACTION PADS makers, and TRACTION PADS directory.

Traction Control

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