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Freelap Wireless Sprint Timing System

An insight into the latest wireless timing system from Freelap which is capable of collecting data from multiple athletes during training whilst relaying this .

Wi-Chrono Wireless Timing System testing on an agility hurdle sequence.

Track And Field Wireless Timing System

This timing system displays lap times in LIVE.

MultiGP LapSync wireless timing system build

uk/usb-host-board-v2 (be sure and select "Serial. Modules from http://www. com/itm/152069708930 usb to serial module from http://www.

Wylas Timing | Automated Wireless Timing Systems

Wylas Timing (www. wylas-timing. ) is a fully automated wireless system on the forefront of timing innovation.

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Gemini / Apollo Recovery Interphones
While talking about space, it’s good to have the red phones. (detailed photos below) From Lunar Legacies: “Two original Gemini/Apollo Recovery Interphones from ITT Kellogg Communications Systems that were used by...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
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Jumping to Hyperspace
My colleagues of the Belastingdienst AIX/Linux Midrange Systems team and myself went on a teambuilding exercise. I took my camera of course. We went to Dorhout Mees for skeet shooting (kleiduivenschieten) and we were...
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“攝影器材之多樣 摄影器材之多样 Photography Tools Diversity” #geekporn
I have a camera annex in my closet. You won’t see the Canon EOS 7D or the Canon EOS M here because those body is always with me in the camera bag. You also won’t see the 24-70 or the 17-40 here as those are...
Photo by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML on Flickr


Wireless Timing Gates — Timing Solutions

Timing Solutions specialise in results management software for sports events, wireless timing gates, RFID, manual timing, race accessories, carnival hire, website ...

Precision Time, Inc Remote Whistle Timing System

Precision Time Systems Inc., Precision Time, wireless whistle system, Whistle Timing System, wireless whistle system, Remote Whistle Timing System, NBA, Bodet ...

Accessories for track timing system - eagleeyedv.com

Eagle Eye timing system packages. Shop here for the world's first and only high speed viddeo track timing system.


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Orbiter Race Chip Timing System

The world's most accurate, easy to use and cost effective RFID Race Chip Timing system. Easy 3 minute set up with portable design. Call 866-938-3587 to demo